Wine Club

Join Liquor Barn's VINTAGE WINE CLUB and you'll have a great year of wine tasting.

What is our Vintage Wine Club?

Liquor Barn's Vintage Wine Club offers a year's worth of wonderful wines from around the globe. Whether it's special bottlings, unique varietials, or limited releases, the wines we specially select each month for you and Vintage Wine Club are sure to delight and intrigue the wine lover's palate.

How our Vintage Club Works

As a member of Liquor Barn’s Vintage Wine club, over twelve months you will receive two bottles per month of the finest, limited availability wines from around the world. These special wines that we have sought out show exceptional quality, many of which give you the option of enjoying now or cellaring for a future special occasion. For your $240 Vintage Wine Club membership – you’ll not only enjoy a full year’s worth of outstanding and unique wines, you’ll enjoy them for their great value too! Last year’s Wine Club members received over $350 worth of wines for their $240 membership!

Exceptional Wines and Great Extras Too

In addition to a great year of fine wines, your Vintage Wine Club membership includes monthly tasting notes about the wines and foods they’ll pair beautifully with, you’ll also learn about their makers and the background, region and history of each wine. You can also use your Vintage Wine Club card to receive an extra 10% discount on one purchase per month of any cheese to go with that month's wine selections.

The Fine Print

You must be at least 21 to join or give a membership in our Vintage Wine Club. Your Vintage Wine Club wines will be available for you to pick-up at the Liquor Barn store you’ve selected on (or after) the 15th of each month. We are unable, by law, to ship or deliver your wine. Upon joining Liquor Barn’s Vintage Wine Club, you will receive your membership card that you will need to present for validation each month when you pick your wines at the store you selected.

You may join our Vintage Wine Club at anytime throughout the year and you will receive 12 consecutive months of wonderful wines. Simply fill out the registration form on the back page of this brochure and submit it, along with your payment and proof of age to any of our store managers. Please indicate on the form, which Liquor Barn location you will be picking up your monthly wines. While our Vintage Wine Club packages are usually available for pick-up on the 15th of each month, our schedule has varied once or twice over the years. Therefore, we will contact you each and every month (by e-mail, phone, or fax - you choose!) to verify that your monthly wines are ready for you to pick up and enjoy!

Thank you for loving wine and all its adventures as much as we do! If you have any further questions, any of our Wine Specialists or Store Managers would be more than happy to assist you!